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CORE: Testimonials

CORE: Parent Testimonials

See what parents and students say about CORE!

  • Our staff is composed of dedicated, intelligent and friendly people who are here to tackle challenges and solve any issues that may arise for our students and families.

Amber Szabo | Parent

  • "It goes beyond education from books and classrooms. It really goes to the heart and mind of each child to enrich their lives and learning."

Karen Nimrick | Parent

  • "I believe education of our children is a benefit for the future of our world. It is time we invest our money on needs in our community."

Kathy Kunde | Teacher

  • "My student, John, was not able to follow classroom instruction due to many students, multiple distractions, and extra stimulation. A single teacher is not able to offer the support for a student like John. After realizing that John was not going to reach his academic goals in this setting, his parents withdrew him mid-year and enrolled him at C.O.R.E. Charter School where John gets individual attention, immediate help, a variety of learning choices and lots of support. Now, two years later, John is not only reaching academic goals, he feels confident enough to re-enter the classroom setting and is attending language arts classes at the center once weekly. He enjoys participating and demonstrates growing confidence among his peers."

Angel Gutierrez | Parent

  • "The academy is a wonderful resource for our children's education. Not only does this facility nurture childrens' goals and minds, it builds up our communities by strengthening family bonds."

Holly Verhalen | Parent

  • "The personalized learning style has given me the opportunity to plan my children's curriculum according to their personalities and learning styles. I don't do the same thing with one that I do with the other. We may use the same material but they approach it and get the most out of it with their learning style. Where there are areas of weakness as a parent there is tremendous support and resource through the school. This program allows students to be more successful becuase it builds on the interests and strengths unique to each student."


  • "My child enjoys the fact that there is learning beyond the classroom's four walls. Learning is exciting because learning doesn't just come from a textbook but from exploring nature. My child likes to be challenged; unfortunately, she was not receiving enough challenging work in the traditional classroom setting. Also, my daughter has some emotional needs that must be met. She would not get this support if she was still in the traditional classroom. C.O.R.E. Charter School provides the opportunity for families to be close and for parents to have more involvement in their child's education. I personally like the fact that I know exactly where my child is and what she is doing."